Bone marrow harvesting

It would be a nice addition for “primitive” players (e.g. hunter gatherers, churls, survivalists) to be able to harvest bone marrow from bones so that non-tainted bones would be actually edible and not require a substantial amount of preparation (e.g. bone meal)
After a certain survival skill or from reading survival books, I feel a player should be able to harvest bone marrow for a more easier meal


I think it’s a great idea. I’m not much of a programmer, but I’ve got a lot of experience in mathing out some kcals. I’ll have to do some quick research and napkin math tomorrow to figure out what an acceptable nutritional value would be.

The other consideration is the bone meal and bone broth recipes that already exist. Honestly they may need a second look, as I’m not 100% sure they line up with reality now that the hunger and nutrition systems are so much more involved.

yes but bone broth and bone pills give barely any calories outside of nutrition. Plus they take can hours to make.

Yeah. Bone broth is basically made of scraps and connective tissue, so it makes sense that it’s not that great, ideally there would be some kind of processing chain where we could boil the bones for broth and then harvest them for marrow or vice versa.

Anyway, some quick math. Seeing as bones weigh a half a pound in CDDA I’m assuming one can harvest about 20% of that mass as bone marrow, which would yield around 50 grams or .11 pounds.

50 grams of bone marrow shakes out to 55kcal with 2% Vitamin A and 17% iron, as far as the daily requirements go. When it matters though it’s noteworthy that most of bone marrow’s calorie content is fat.

In fact I read an article claiming it could be used in the manufacture of pemmican instead of rendered fat as is more typical, but I couldn’t find more evidence to substantiate the claim. It would still be handy in game to have it as another option to add to pemmican instead of fat.

The one main problem is that in reality marrow is only really harvested from the long bones of good sized animals, but it’s not hard in game to get a handful of bones from just about anything, and I can’t find good info on the bone marrow of smaller animals like dogs and such.

Not sure how much the developersadded from my foraging ideas. But I also have yet to test new versions to see if anthing had been implemented. Feel free to search Chef o’ da Woods. There is also a smaller discussion with a few people about survival skill having various degrees of finding hidden randomcrap. While a higher skill will detail what was found.

Bone matter would be a great addition and could play a good role in farming too…if we don’t already havebone meal.