Amendment: Bone Broth recipe

Hoping someone can just make a change or add in a way to make broth with just water and bones I’ll be a nice use for bones, I’d think since at the moment I feel they get a bit neglected in cooking aside from just eating them raw. It’s actually really simple too, I’ve done it myself.

So, water + bones, or water + bones + herbs, since I can’t quite recall if you could make broth with just water + herbs. if you can, go with the former.
here’s a short excerpt from wiki.

[b]Broth has been made for many years using the animal bones which, traditionally, are boiled in a cooking pot for long periods to extract the flavor and delicious nutrients[/b]. The bones may or may not have meat still on them.

Roasted bones will add a rich flavor to the broth but also a dark color.

Generally you use that broth as a base to make something else, but with a few simple additions it can be eaten as is and it’s pretty good.

I like that idea. Anything which adds something to the Survival skill is good. :slight_smile:

Indeed, and I will finally have something to do with all of these bones (you only need 1 bone needle after all).