Disassembling heavy objects

Hey all, was hoping I could receive some help/tips for disassembling heavy objects such as Storage Batteries as I’ve finally started delving into base building and need that sweet renewable energy. Aside from obtaining an absurd amount of strength obviously, thanks in advance!

You need to get more book and recipes about mechanics,and try to capture more cities,then you should find the answer.

You can’t disassemble some items and some buildings. Plain and simple if you open you disassemably screen and it isn’t there you can’t break it. For buildings and furniture you find out he doing the “Deconstruction” building in the construction screen. If it says it can be done that way it can’t; but that doesn’t stop you from smashing it apart or blowing it up if you desire.

But… but… Oh alright guess I’ll sink in even more hours into the game

Yeah I’m already aware of these features, and the game does say it’s possible to disassemble storage batteries, but it’s “too heavy to pick up” sadly. Was just trying to get my hands on medium storage batteries. Thanks anyway

Oh if it’s “too heavy” would it and you’ll carry the battery and can then disassemble it. Same with “too big”. Insert that’s what she said joke somewhere


drop it on the ground and press “ctrl+B” while standing over it. It should give you an option to disassemble the battery.


Exactly as nameless said. If it’s too heavy stand over the battery and disassemble it though the menu.

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Just tried it, you sir are a godsend thank you! I forgot about butchering haha