Disabling special attacks of monsters that needs a body part?

I’ve been thinking of it… Most monster attacks require a body part to use like arms, but cutting it will make abilities unusable till death.
To make it clear, this is an example:

"You cut off the zombie's left arm!" + "You cut off the zombie's right arm!" = "scratch" and "GRAB" attacks are disabled.
"You cut off the zombie necromancer's left arm!" + "You cut off the zombie neromancer's right arm!" = "RESSURECT" special skill is disabled.

Ofcourse you need a high tier weapons like nodachi, and a chance to disable monster’s body part (let’s say a % count that depends on monster size and base health).
Is this possible for in-game? It would be good to bash those ugly spitter mouths!

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Devs were pretty adamant about not adding in body parts for monsters ages ago, it probably hasn’t changed. Reasoning that I remember was the extra code, the large amount of data for each monster, the general pointlessness of every mob having body parts, and the fact that many monsters have completely different body shapes and would thus further exacerbate how hard it would be to to code and render.

I like the ideal myself but do agree with some of the reasoning that the devs have.

Pointing all the essential codes to EVERY monsters is much harder than we all think. Pretty sure this won’t be added (unless they’re done to their main focuses of the game).

I just wish they would do something about necromancers and regular respawns. If a zombie has died, it’s maximum health and move speed should be lowered. -_-

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By half… All of it :slight_smile:

I think there is a very valid reason from game design perspective for zombies not having body parts like players. In CDDA we kill zombies in massive amounts and average encounters are very short, so body parts would be overkill in this case and mostly add extra complexity which wouldn’t even be noticed most of time.

I can personally see body parts making combat with boss-like creatures much more interesting, through.

We would need some bosses with limbs first. The only real boss I can think of is the shoggoth. I wouldn’t count the jabberwok, as a low end late game char can best them easily. Hulks… lol…

Sounds like you want to have Zombie slaves like Michonne from TWD. It’s a good thought but i agree with what has been said. I like necromancers, annoying and difficult to deal with at times but i like the challenge. Bodies raising up at 100% though i do agree with.

One thing about monster abilities i’ve never understood though is Brutes. As long as you have a solid object behind you (can’t toss you 10 tiles), they don’t seem to cause much more damage than a regular Z.

Is it possible to add monster specific debuffs like “no_arms” “no_legs”?, it would be a clever way to avoid adding body parts to monsters.

We have this, acitivate a knife next to a zombie corpse.

Yes, that would be a much simpler way to deal with it.


They’re not bosses… Practically just a heavily mutated zombie :frowning:
I think the bosses are the unique ones like shoggoths, triffid hearts and fungal towers!

Yea, that’s what the ellipses and the lol were meant to infer.