Body parts

I was wondering if anybody has short or long term plans to move towards a more flexible system of body configuration or limb tracking. What I mean by this is keeping track of specific body parts on players and mobs, and changing gameplay based on it. Eg: breaking a zombie’s leg slows it down, getting shot in the eye means you only have one eye, … pretty much what dwarf fortress has in place, perhaps slightly simpler.

This seems like a large project, just based on glimpses of code I’ve seen. But it seems like something that would open up new options and make future development easier to understand and implement.

A skeleton took my eye, and I was not able to see .(
And also, you can lose limbs too, and for zombies… They are not a big deal, so no need to break their legs or arms (Id like to break their necks, INSTAKILL)

Fun fact: I had a grenade launcher, my first name was Tavish and I had a broadsword

This would be a good addition to gameplay, though we may want to avoid the gouging of ears and such.

Or the pulling of testes.

Oh stop you guys, you are making me think of Dwarf Fortress!

This is indeed something I am wanting to do, and while not an immediate priority, it is certainly on the horizon.