Disable Bionics When Sleeping Mod (request)

This gets me every time: I’m doing a night raid using Implanted Night Vision. I wrap up the raid and make my way back to the truck. I kick on the Metabolic Interchange to charge up before arriving, then have a nice snack, get a drink of water. Ready for zzz’s, and… sleep! Shift 4 Enter and aw shit the damn night vision was still on and drained my power all the way to zero!!! It’s more irritating because technically, there’s a warning in the confirmation dialog box, but it’s just not noticeable at all.

How to fix it? A second confirmation box asking “Are you sure you want to sleep even though you have irrelevant Bionics active?” sounds like an irritating but plausible solution. Then I thought maybe an option in the Settings to automatically disable bionics when sleeping. But real people make stupid mistakes (like me actually forgetting to turn the damn CBM off before sleeping), so maybe a setting like that ruins the spirit of the game.

But what about adding a passive CBM to the game? Could be called a “Firmware Upgrade” or something, and its function would be to turn off any bionic that is irrelevant while you are sleeping.

Is such a thing relatively easy to mod into the game?

Before getting to mods, you could enable the option to save when sleeping and make a habit of using it. If you find yourself not turning off CBMs (and it really gets to you), you can then close Cata and load from the save. This is borderline cheating, but as you’re using it to avoid a “slip of the keys” rather than a bad decision it shouldn’t ruin your experience.

Well, that certainly is a solution I hadn’t thought of. Though I have to admit the mod idea sounds fun. I’ve never tried modding for Cataclysm, but I’m guessing XML or JSON files?

It’s not really possible from mod level, but makes sense as a core game feature.
Out of all the active CBMs with an energy cost, only climate control and alarm system would make sense to be active while sleeping.

Is this not already included in the “active items”-esque check? I honestly thought it already was.