Disable automatically displacing friendly animals

I was just walking around my campfire, when one of my friendly dogs moved close to me, by moving on its tile, I displaced it into the fire, and dog died.

Is there any way to disable automated displacement, to prevent accidents like this?

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Sounds like the displacement code needs to take hazards into account.

Maybe more importantly we should ask ourselves if JeanMertz is the kind of person to push a dog into a fire, and why he is such a monster.

Seriously though the displacement code should at least prompt if you’re going to push a companion/dog into a fire

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Nah, leave the code the way it is, but make any surviving tamed dogs nearby and their offspring a little tougher after one dies to an environmental hazard. After several generations of darwinian selection, maybe accelerated with the help of a danger room style obstacle course, you should be left with hazard resistant super dogs.

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Only the blob can evolve that fast

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We’re all the blob now, krisu.

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My only question is exactly how long does a dog fuel a fire?


Actually, scratch what I said. Just give the doggies mutagen

That is an excellent question. But despite being a hardened Dwarf Fortress player I’m not quite monstrous enough to perform an experiment to determine that myself. Also, I’m out of dogs at the moment.

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Well, tainted human corpses last a long time. Dogs are smaller but I suspect they’ll give you a few hours at least.

Does the condition of the corpse affect its performance as fuel? Like will a pulped one burn for less time than a mangled one?

I think it’s a function of weight or volume.

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Doesn’t automatic displacing simply swap the positions of you two?

How do you displace a dog into fire if you re not in fire in the first place?

I couldn’t tell. I pulled it out of the fire as fast as I could, in a vain attempt to safe the poor dog. But all I got was a crisp body, ready for me to train my butchering some more.

That’s a good question.

Perhaps I actually didn’t displace it (though the logs did show “you displaced …”, but perhaps that was from one move earlier, and not the move that got the dog into the fire).

So then, the question is, do (friendly) dogs accidentally move into fire, even if it’s your own fireplace?

EDIT: I did have three dogs running around me, so I’m not sure if it’s possible that after I moved, but before the displacement, another dog took my old spot, meaning the dog I was about to displace had to be displaced into another freely available spot?

Actually, I think something else is causing this.

I just had my second dog die in the fire, even though it was not displaced.

These are border collies, and both of them “leaped” before they died. So I guess their leaping logic does not prevent them from leaping into a fire?

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I have been playing a slime mutate, and my slimesprings wandered straight into a fire I had made to heat up my still. Probably 5 of them just walked over the fire and dissolved…