Not like this, not like this

I have barricaded myself into the church vestibule. Two steel lockers and a door stand between me and the skeletal dog that means to do me in. I had to ditch my military rucksack as I ran for my life. I only have a fire axe, machete and a flash bang to protect myself. I missed over and over again with the fire axe as the dog stripped me of my armor. Short of tearing down the stone church wall I have no exit. How can i prevail?

My torso encumbrance is 35 but it is impossible to hit this dog and before I dumped my gear I missed with my guns at point blank range.


Fire. Start a fire on it when it comes to you.

If you have water or non-combustable liquids you can dump it on the fire after, if not just dont start it in the doorway you need to cross or tank it.

Fire will kill dogs withing a turn or two of waiting.

Dump torso armor, get torso encumbrance below 10. You can pick it up after you kill the dog.
Use machete instead of fire axe, it should be faster.
The fire trick is good, but you’ll lose the loot in the building if you do it and may get worse problems than just a skeletal dog.

Turn on the church bells, it will scare the dog away with the power of jegus. It will also drive the other zombies away as well. trollface.png

Alright F this. I got down to zero torso encumbrance and never touched this skeletal dog. Can’t shoot them, can’t melee them. WTF? Sorry just venting. But it does seem like something is unbalanced here. YASD.

Nope. Low-skill character wont be able to hit the dog. too agile, too skeleton. Fire frei. Then dump your cranberry juice on the fire and gtfo.

Try throwing the axe at it.

You could try opening the doors and tossing the flashbang far enough passed the dog not to get hit in the blast.

aya. pull pin, open door, throw, close door. You might be deafened but you won’t get flashed. Unless the dog gets into the doorway before you can close it.

Even then you just need to toss it further than the blast radius.

If you’re in one of the wooden churches, take out the wall with the fire ax and sprint to the nearest bolt hole.
Torching the place as you leave wouldn’t be a bad move either- you’ll usually take out at least a few zombies doing that, since they get attracted by the fire. You’d be surprised at how much useful salvage will survive a fire, so it won’t be a total loss either.

If the door’s intact, there’s also the option to dismantle the crate, build a nailboard, and turtle while the thing spikes itself to death when it eventually breaks through.

It’s a skellyman dog, and there’s nothing else outside? My suggestion is to strip naked, and scream to SERGEI MOSIN for glory as you burst open the door to engage in glorious melee combat. So repeat after me!


“Oh holy sons of Slavshit, Kalasnikov and Karabine Simonova, watch over me as I do battle in your name! In your glorious names. I offer my service to you for favor, protect this wretched No-gun in his fight. So that he may live long enough to gain the use of a holy slavshit gun.”

“In the father, the son, and the holy spirit, we say, Amen.”[/i]

One time i was having trouble with a Rot-Weiler, Per advice from various starting guides, i had crafted a nail-board, it was totally useless against the literally damned dog, so now, so i took out my Bionic Claws(i started as a bionic monster) and tore the bastard to pieces… so… do you have any claws?

Try throwing weapons at him, i killed zombie kid by using my katanas as throwing weapons (thats why i carry 2 swords and 6 knives) one time i killed dog by throwing cans of food

Can confirm this works.

My 2 cents here. But even with a low skill there should be a number value to allow certain…how to put it…more obvious actions that would occur…if nothing else by dumb luck, or a statistic.

But I’m likely to get shot down because the actual coding of such a thing is not likely to be in the game.

The OP, has a good point despite the venting. If you have a pipe and you stand in front of something. Shear statistic probable outcome is you will hit something…even yourself by accident with enough attempts. lol

Just a point to think about if you code =D

"Even a fool is right sometimes, by chance."
Well not saying anyone is a fool, but by sheer chance I’m sure you’ll swing at the right angle to hit something. Also, who cares what the skeletal dogs agility is, it shouldn’t matter. Why would it bother dodging? :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a zombie basically. :stuck_out_tongue:

Im shocked at how poorly fire as defense is thought of. especially since its effective regardless of skill and how old it is and how you can put it out

-Its skillless constant damage. which means its great for newbies and meh for pros.

-it cant fail, it doesnt miss, and it is literally the cheapest weapon that consumes ‘ammo’ 1 thread, A splintered wood, tge very same rubber hose over and over; which will then be used to siphon gas after too

-It is slow spreading, and controllable. It takes 1-5 turns to kill any normal zom by fire alone. you can dump any noncombustable fluid on it, including rotten milk, dirty water, and apple juice. I think that has been nerfed somewhere so that its no longer 100% guarentteed, but its far from zero.

-Should you not opt for control, its easy to outrun. Depending on the structure dally
ng is dangerois, but in no situation other than trapping yourself its hard to hurt yourself.

-its so easy, the miniflamethrower cbm is largely redundant since lighters are plentiful and so light as to be zero volume. its sole advantage is lighting without fuel, so you save a turn (depending on the enviornm

Skelee dogs, to use this example, are not going to die to low quality meleers. while not as brutal as human skelees, they are quite dangerous to a new player.