Dirt roads

I was reading the Overlap Rebalancing mod’s thread and he was saying some buildings shouldn’t really have paved roads leading to them, because they were secret or weren’t there before the apocalypse started, and that if there were dirt roads, he’d use them, as they would make more sense. Would it be hard to actually add dirt roads? Just paths of normal dirt and no grass or trees basically. Could it be easy to implement and make them behave like roads?

There are lots of dirt roads in New England. We need more houses away from cities too. With dirt driveways.

Road mapgen is ugly and hardcoded because it includes weird cases like plazas and sidewalks. It’s harder than it sounds to modify it.

Adding different road types would most likely require writing a new overmap mapgen section just to be able to connect those. Then someone would have to “draw” the dirt roads using jsons.
Though doing that mapgen part would be useful if we wanted all sorts of different roads.

Bummer. It would have been fun! We could even hage huge roads or double sided ones, or even small paths surrounded by trees leading to certain hidden places, etc. Oh well!

Sounds like a plan Cool, But I’d have to bring up the point of labs and military bases etc. While dirt roads would be ideal. We should be able to make a normal road to out of the way places with current system. Plus make those locales (like labs anyone?) far out in the woods.

Taking those 2 locations as examples, jut add a forested area around them to be certain it simulates “remote” locale.

On topic, is there any way to add a script to tell the engine that a section of road should use another tile? That would simulate dirt paths without changing the core.