This is just a collection of doodles I made, not a mod, but could be turned into one, if someone would so it, cause I’m not a coder.
I’d prolly convert it to json with the map editor if I could wrap my mind on how it actually works =S
Some things are still graphical, I haven’t convertedit to ascii.

sideview schematic on how the z levels work:

different way of doing roads, the city ones are narrower but include sidewalks, so they don’t have to be generated ingame, also removing grass between buildings in city and sidewalk (if buildings touch edges of map tile). Country roads are wider. Also bridge!

a small boathouse on a pier (can be linked to bridge due to shared border)

beach and ocean floor with variations tiles, highway system (toll both included), apartment building (included ledge around windows for suicide jumps), railroad system

reference pic for apartment building:

trailor park
reference pic:

suburban house with backyard sandpit and barbeque
reference pic:

urban double building with back alley for those 70s driving movies moments
reference pic:

lighthouse (z leveled)and some air vehicles (cesna z leveled)

some thoughts on parkour