Getting rid of roads/houses?

Working on the foundation for a total conversion mod. I’ve eliminated all the overmap specials except for the starting shelter (which I will eventually replace). How can I get rid of the roads and houses that spawn in towns, or change them to blank fields or different tiles instead?

hi there I have no idea how to do what ya want

just curius as to what your doing ? :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s possible at the moment. It could be quite easy to add, I think, but not with jsons alone.

Technically you can “fake” their removal by deleting all the json layouts, removing the references to the inbuilt layouts (found in the house overmap terrain) and then making a json layout for hoses that is just a simple empty field.

The same can be probably done for roads, but you’ll have to add empty terrains for all the different road directions.

By the way I’ve got a giant blacklist that removes a lot of the more contemporary recipes from the game, can post it here if you think you might use it.

Yeah, I managed to get that to work for a lot of the others, just need to figure out how to workaround the inbuilt versions. On a related note to that, actually, is there any way in the .jsons to give an overmap square (or maybe just terrain tile?) radiation? It looks like it’s a builtin function of craters etc, but not sure.

Pretty sure it is, but I can’t find any example of it being used.
It seems to be intended to be used in a similar way to terrain, furniture, items and traps, except with value rather than type.

For example, in data/json/mapgen/dojo.json, there’s a block for terrain and furniture, both sharing many keys. Take “C” for example - it is defined as t_floor and f_chair.
Adding block like “radiation”:{ “C”: 2 } would probably make all the “C” tiles in this dojo have 2 radiation on them.

Mapgen also seems to support making areas of radiation. I think that having a block like “radiation”:{ 10, “x”:[1,10], “y”:[2:20] } should also work (and make the rectangle from (1,2) to (10, 20) have 10 radiation on every tile).

I didn’t see it in action, just trying to decipher mapgen.cpp here.

@Iituem Once City size is set to 0 mapgen still forces a road to cut across every greater map cell, but you can remove that last road by going here
Cataclysm DDA\data\json\overmap\Roads overmap_connections.json
and deleting the line { “terrain”: “road”, “locations”: [ “field”, “road” ] },
Make sure you back up yer fills
CDDA 0.D wouldn’t have this lone mandatory road on 0 city size map gen, but it does in 0.E for some reason, took me ages to work out how to get rid of it :S Roads mean cars, cars mean infinite food and fuel and that makes survival trivial ;D
Hope it helps with your TC :slight_smile: