New tile: dirt road

so i’ve noticed that mansions don’t have any kind of road or path leading to them, which is odd because mansions the size of the ones ingame would at least need a dirt path for bringing in supplies. which is why i would like to recommend a new tile type: dirt road.
it would show up on the overhead map as a regular field tile, but would be a dirt road tile clear of tree and other obstacles. some buildings, such as mansions and mining facilities, will always have a dirt road leading to them, and other buildings, such as cabins, military outposts, LMOE shelters, etc. will have a % chance of a dirt road leading to them.

Usually mansions have gravel or tarmac. Dirt roads through forests and to cabins would be nice though.

That’s a GREAT idea!

I like it.

I always found it a little odd that there’s full dotted-line road leading to every random back-woods farm/cabin/mansion.

Might be tricky to implement but I think it’d add a lot to the atmosphere of the world while exploring.

Why this was not tought before.
Great idea.

Great idea.

Add boiled peanut stands and vintage meth labs all along the dirt-road side, make it authentic.

Adding a dirt road terrain tile would be remarkably easy to add (2 minutes) getting the world to gen it in the proper places… That would be a little more difficult. That said I fully support this idea if anyone can get it working well.

Have it spawn from cabins (and maybe those hidden cult temples?) as an origin? Average length what, 4~6 map tiles?
I’m thinking having random dirt tracks through forests would be a tad harder though.