Different Types of worlds

i think that a way to add more variation to the game, whilst, making different metas for the game. I believe the way i have thought of might give some ideas.
Basically it is a “Who lost the none.” kind of scenario where it will shake world generation to heavily favor a certain type of faction. making it to where you need to consider different “survival,” tactics to actually “survive.”. I do think that it could allow you to use different professions to a greater effect, mainly the non-combatant, changing the base problems in the world. And i can list some of my thoughts.
Vanilla- explains itself
Goo- The Goo is in advanced stages of world domination and has probably integrated itself into alot of town structures for “goo houses” and lots and lots of goos. and less zombies, but more advanced ones.

Triffid- The hippies won, the portal to the triffid plane/genetic plant research, has overflooded the world with plants and therefore alot of towns would be overgrown, streets destroyed, alot of the zombies and alot of marlose man reborns friends are killed. would favor a survivalist start. and really hates on bashing weapons.

MMR start- The mycus have taken over rapidly due to the actions of “SCIENCE!!!” and the mycus have taken over, kinda like the triffid starts, but the towns are most of them fungal zombies instead of goo zombies, and the mycus is alot freindlyer to structures than the triffids. three words “Fungicide, or submit.”

HORRIFYING- The cults have won, the world is now a place of cthuluan<?Not sure how to pronounce> terror where beast of horror have infested the world to the brim, this is a very dangerous start, only do if you like fighting things. lots of holes in reality and perhaphs some citys there are horrors that pretend to be zombies. and then attack you when you try and butcher or pulp the corpses. and then murder you in your sleep. Sweet dreams, don’t let the bed bugs bite.

TOTAL ROBOT TAKOVER- The humans overacted to the zombie apocalypse. and sent forth massive production of robotic weapons to fight the hoard, effectivly winning against the zombies, and the humans.There would be alot of robot spawns taking over citys and the likes giving extremly dangerous enemys, but if you are a master hacker you will have a hayday. and become the new world leader.

That is a few of the ideas, i do think that this is a bit outlandish of an idea but i think it would be in some ways interesting. I would like both feedback and criticism on the idea.

I… like this idea!

Since a particular “faction’s” take-over some amount of time would have passed, potentially creating many more evolved forms of creatures unlike what we’ve seen so far. More environmental dangers and anomalies. It could be like discovering the wasteland of New England all over again.

I mean you already can adjust what monsters you Dont want to include in your world, I did find it funny that there wasn’t an option to choose what monsters you want to exclusively include.