Big Ideas

Just thought I’d float a few ideas I’ve had for DDA’s future:

Even more challenging map types

A set of modifiers for the main map, which would be a choice of a world climate. Mainly the land between towns would change. These could be a Desert, where the world has been nuked into a barren wasteland, lots of sand, high temperatures in the day and low ones at night, dead trees, less wildlife. Another could be Nuclear Winter, where the map is blanketed and snow and ice and temperatures are extremely low the whole time. Very distant oases of life could be a good objective, a purpose for your characters jourrney. I think the extra challenges these would present are clear, could be nice for an extra extra hard mode.

Additional zombie modes, such as the option to tweak the speed, sight etc of the main mass of shamblers. If you want 28 days later, or a george romero dawn of the dead type situation, you could edit it easily. I’m impressed by the classic zombie mode, mainly because I don’t like the L4D monsters too much. I miss the other variety though, so more worldgen customization would be great.

Indeed, personally I’d like to choose what mobs to spawn and alter their spawnrate (aka classics, shockers, smokers and brutes, but reduce hulk spawns and turn off boomers/spitters/hulks.)

Also customizing town size would be nice-- and arctic zones.

Hm… Yes, that could be neat.

I’d personally like a few other options. Do you want the sci-fi elements like labs, bionics and other high-tech weaponry removed? Or just the extradimensional stuff? Your choice.