Die 99 times achivement is bugged (steam version)

Got it on my first death while continuing to watch for some time. Maybe it counts single turn after death as dying?

Many of the achievements on the steam version are bugged, but regardless you should make a report on the steam community forums. It will definitely not be seen here.

It will definitely not be seen here.

Interesting! Why tho? It used to be a place to report bugs back a few years ago.

Well, discourse is receives an average of about 1 post per week now for one.

For two, there is one ‘developer’ for the steam release.

This is still a place to report bugs of the normal version, Steam only bugs are of no importance to all but one dev who is working on the Steam version. This report will still be seen, eventually, I bet, but if you want it to be seen faster you should report it where Steam version dev mostly is - on Steam.