Game Continually crashes when creature dies

Hello everyone.

Been playing CDDA for quite a while, on and off since 2021 or so, Recently I’ve been encountering a pretty annoying crash thats been preventing me from playing the game. I havent done any tests or anything, but it seems like every time I kill an entity, dosent seem to matter, the game crashes to desktop. I do have my log file, and I am updated to the latest version as of 9:34 pm, 03/23/23. I cant seem to post my log file here, but yeah, very unfortunate, and I hope someone can help.

Might be related to this issue where achievements crash the game, there’s an achievement for first kill. No fix yet, but the thread mentions a workaround where you open the achievements window first [Default is ) hence the square brackets lol] and that may prevent the crash.

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Ill try that and see if it works

So far so good! thank you so much!

That WAS the fix, buuut, now I cant access the achievement menu. I updated literally once, and the option is 100% gone. I looked it up in the keybind menu, no dice, its just gone. Am I just stupid or is there something else going on?

Maybe this is why you cannot see the achievement menu / keybinding anymore.

What are the chances this gets shoved out within 30 mins of me figuring out a fix for that lol.