"DEBUG: completed mission 1 was not in the active_missions list"


Only mission I’ve been on was a “kill zombie mom” mission, which I completed. I even butchered the bloody thing just in case. Then a few nights later, that happens.

In addition, after waking up I checked my mission screen to find the mission was now logged as both completed AND failed, when before it was logged as completed.

Further savescumming to test has caused it to happen each time.

EDIT: In addition, seems the NPC just randomly dies off overnight too, no idea if that’s the CAUSE or a side effect.

This weird mission thing seems to happen when NPCs who assigned you the quest die

Definitely odd, seeing as I completed that quest.

And yep, seems to be the cause. Zombie in the pawn shop, dead NPC.

EDIT: Goody, I hadn’t saved yet. Found the NPC is camping next to a dead zombie, which I assume is reviving and mauling her.

EDIT 2: Yep. Got a good, bug-free night’s sleep after butchering the zombie and boarding up the nearby windows.

Did you savescum? Some data may be saved separately from regular game saving. Zones certainly are, so missions could be too.

Oh derp. That might be it. I know savescumming could cause hilarious bugs back before they introduced the “ask if you want to view deathcam” feature, but this is new.

Damn, now I’m not sure if this bug could occur in a legitimate game or it’s solely an artifact of time travel. Though testing out this bug itself entailed more savescumming. ._.

The only good way I see here is code diving

But I forgot my code snorkel. XP

Another option is to inflict intentional savescumming to narrow down that as a cause.

Did some code diving.

Certainly could happen if you died, got the save after dying and then loaded the game for the dead character.
If you always close before picking anything on “do you want to see your last moments” prompt, it shouldn’t bug itself.

Nope, I’ve gotten into the habit where, if I get my ass kicked and intend to savescum, I close at the “view your last moments?” prompt. Doing otherwise inflicts delicious bugs otherwise.

So, uncertain what the likely cause was.