Did I get stuck in a loop, or what happened here?

I found a second Barret 50cal and I went to take off it’s attachments. When I took off thew scope a zombear started attacking me and almost killed me. I believe my nanorobots CBM saved me in this instance, but not sure if this is a bug or just me not being aware of my surroundings and almost getting mauled because of it.
I have it on video and I copied the URL at current video time, so it should jump right to the instance. https://youtu.be/x9W0VA0pPqg?t=4138 (it’s @ 1:08:58 just in case it doesn’t jump to the right time)
Does anyone know what happened there?
I also realize safe mode doesn’t ever activate for me anymore, not sure why that is either.

As somebody explained before, such actions are not real-time that you may interrupt or that may be interrupted. These actions are one-time actions that subtract some of your movement points (in this case, a lot). Unloading any mag or a gun is also a nice example of this ‘feature’.
Look at this as if you’re going through snow with no stamina while hauling a full 200 L drum. After pressing the movement button, all you can do is watch and wait until the clock stops ticking. If something hits you, shoots you or gets shot at you, there’s literally nothing you can do, since you’ve made an action that costs far more movement points than you’ve had and you’re sort of stuck and recovering.

OK yeah I figured that was probably the case, because of me taking of the scope, but I just wasn’t sure. The thing that confused me the most is that the message log said I took off the scope before it showed any of the attack messages, but I guess that’s just because I started that action first. I guess it’s a good thing I had my nanorobots CBM on and enough power or my guy would have been toast… or shredded manburger.

Yeah, you’ve taken off the scope before getting any messages because that’s exactly how it works. You take off the scope and lose a lot of action/movement points. You press ‘move to the right’ and lose some points to go right. if there was a message about moving, you would get it too, before getting hit by Zeds.

Make sure to edit anything your unhappy with into the whitelist/blacklist. Some good starting points are:
anything | 0 distance | hostile | blacklist
Moose | 0 distance | any attitude | blacklist
then from there you can start whitelisting the things that are a non-threat
shade zoms, regulars crawlers, rats etc…
you don’t have to do this manually, you can just wait until you run into something that triggers safemode, and then white-list creatures of that type with the ~ button I think.

Cool thanks, yeah I added dogs to the whitelist or ignore list, and am wondering if I somehow messed it up, because safe mode used to come on for most monsters, but now it just doesn’t ever come on.

Wait wut? How do you do that? I’d love to ignore certain enemies that really aren’t that hard to deal with.

When safe mode stops you from moving it gives you a message something like ; to ignore this once and ~ to whitelist this creature

Oh wait, I need use safemode for that? Well I literally never use that (because I hate to constantly pause), thus that would be useless to me.

It doesn’t pause if you are running by things that you have whitelisted. Only if something is blacklisted aka probably a threat you need to worry about, or click a single button to never be bothered about that creature type ever again. Once youve tought the safemode what is and isn’t a proper threat it becomes a real lifesaver. Knowing that moose is enjoying a nice wildflower sandwhich peacefully at the edge of vis Is imperitive to an early survivor. Id rather have pauses than deaths.

I didn’t have the default rule set added, just dogs whitelisted, which is why it stopped working for me. I got so used to not using it that I think I need to add a bunch of stuff to the whitelist that aren’t so dangerous and keep the more dangerous things default so that it pauses.

You can also set how far away it activates in the game’s options. I used to dislike when it would stop me for enemies really far away, so I set it to 35, which I found was a good distance, but I’ll have to keep playing with it to see if I still like that. That’s also why I added dogs, because you tend to see a lot of packs of dogs off in the distance, but usually are able to handle them with a half decent character.

Yeah, I forget what distance I set most of em too, but I keep the more dangerous and unpredictable enemies at vis range.

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