Safe mode

I know this has been discussed, butI cant find it. I see a mob and turn off safe mode. How do I turn it back on? There is an option that says the number of turns to re-enable it. It defaults to 50. Though I think its actually more than 50 turns.

how do i manually turn this back on? I die sometimes cause I turn off safe mode. run away and hit another mob while holding down a move key.

turn it back on by pressing “!”.

Safemode will not automaticly turn back on if there is a dangerous enemy in sight, it is actualy 50 turns :stuck_out_tongue:

it has to be 50 turns to first site. i lowered it to 30. however, if its less than 50 turns it wont. there are long distances to travel and its common to hold down a movement key. so i have died cause i didnt notice it. i like the safemode, but i think we need to brainstorm a way to improve this. this game hasd much larger distances to move on.

Have you actually turned auto-safemode on? (It’s turned on with the " key, you should see a red ‘SAFE’ when your turn off safemode instead of it just disappearing.) If you haven’t then safemode will never turn back on by itself.