I love the Triffids 'cause they're so delicious!

That’s a reference to a commercial in case you don’t know.

But seriously, Triffids are a great source of foodstuffs provided you aren’t a carnivore. Food, drink, and a crafting material out of one mob? I would’ve started hunting these things a long time ago if I knew.

Also that pricless moment when you notice a triffid queen is sort-of stuck in her own swathe of shrubs and trees, so you just break out the zippo and watch it all burn.

I hereby award you one internet for the thread title.

If I wasn’t at work I would crappily mock up a box of flavor blasted Triffids.

Someone with artistic talent please get on this.

My triffid looks at you, resolute and with anger. Writes “Of Triffids and Humans” bill of rights only to Git yer arse. :stuck_out_tongue:
Then he asks:
“Now 'bout that art piece, would you like a Triffid lolypop?” :slight_smile:

I used to think the same thing about the usefulness of Triffids.

Slayed 'em left and right, ate broccoli all day long. Went to bed, still munching away.
Woke up next morning and…

Never again will I anger the forest.

Did they go all Fern Gully on your ass?

They would have, had I not run for my life, ducking through several houses and shutting the doors behind me.

That was when I first started playing cata, and man was I scared shitless. :stuck_out_tongue: