Why invading a triffid grove is so useless?

One day, I invaded a triffid grove and killed the triffid heart, is to realize that she did not drop anything too much, I would suggest an idea that she could drop some kind of weapon / trifid armor.

Sometimes the reward for destroying a blight is destroying the blight itself.


Triffids are plant-like beings from alternate dimension. They do not own any kind of technology average human can use. It would be great to have some associated mission though (bring something from triffid heart for researchers, etc).

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Well if we’re spit balling ideas here, why not a alien component unique to the triffids. Much like the bee queens royal honey.

How about to begin with on ideas:

  • Triffid heart organ: same organ used to mind control its cluster.
    (Maybe to create a triffid perfume to confuse triffid or boost human persuasion chances, or new mutation branch?)

  • Triffid heart Soil: like a super fertilizer.

  • Living bark: a tough light Kevlar like material that can be made into self repairing Armor.


Why invade a slime pit? Trifids have at least as much going for them (and more imo) since they provide a large amount of one of the ingredients that go it to some of the higher end mutagens and unlike blobs you can eat them too.

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for now, not much reason, in future perhaps to protect settlements from pesky raids, or for quests.
Some dungeons more or less exist for the thrill of the challenge at the moment, and to exist as sources for where a given species spawns from/justification for why they’re spawning.

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Triffids are great for diesel.

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Not anymore. They don’t drop fluid sacs in the latest experimental builds.

invading a slime pit right after you spawn is a good way to get early melee training, assuming you actually survive and plan for broken limbs.

triffids? invade? yeah no, just avoid that area of the map so it doesn’t lag you too badly.

I guess, there are quite a few ways to train melee early game though and most of them provide you with stuff that is more useful early game too (imo).

true, not much real reason to visit a slime pit, just good for a lot of monsters in one spot reliably.

Triffids groves can be seen as the vegetarian ant hill. instead of meat and chitin, you get delicious vegan plant matter and fibrous stalks which you can turn into enough plantfiber that youll never need any thread

Well that’s upsetting.

weird, i’ve literally never had a character that doesn’t wind up practically drowning in sinew before long.

A list of nice to look at locations:

National Guard base
Missile Silos
and last but not least, Bill Cosby’s basement…not judging…just don’t go over there lol

Well, I thought most of his things were to do with drugging women. So I suppose I’d stop by if I ever need a good supply of Jello Pudding and pain meds. Lol


you’ve been dragging furniture around in mansions haven’t you?
i found an absolutely ENORMOUS system of rape-tunnels (archer, cheryl’s house) under at least a few of them but you’d never know without dragging stuff around some.

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Hmm that explains the vibrators and duct tape I’ve been finding.


The globs blobs drop are used in many crafting recopies. (mostly chemical) Slime pits are a wonderful place to get the en masse. Blobs also make good fodder for training weapon skills, and Slime Pits are a wonderful place to train, due to the abundance of blobs there.

I know, my point was that triffids have a similar things going on for them. They are useful for both mutagen crafting and year round veggies.