Did heat get more punishing for some reaosn?

For reference, I’m in midsummer right now, the average temperature after noon is approximately 90 degrees F, and it’s somehow hot enough to cause damage and hallucinations while I’m wearing nothing much but a yukata. Is this intended? 90F is not that hot. Unpleasantly warm for those who enjoy the cold, perhaps, but nowhere near black flag/heatstroke weather.

tl;dr That temperature could certainly make it more likely for you to die in real life, but not like it works in CDDA.

That’s 32C. In real life, as a feeble English person unused to real hot weather, that’s enough to leave me lethargic and complaining bitterly. That’s while hiding from the sun in the least hot location in the house, taking regular cold showers and avoiding exercise as much as possible.

I don’t know how much the game takes into account such things, but the same air temperature while outside and doing heavy work would be much, much worse.

I took a look at some studies online and the Relative Risk of death vs temperature varies a lot by location, and also by how long a period of high (low) temperature has gone on with most of the deaths happening on the first day or two when people are taken by surprise (presumably). There’s then a steep drop off in risk, followed by a very slow rise as the hot (cold) days drag on.

Although you have the biggest Relative Risk at the extremes of temperature, over a year you actually have very few really hot (cold) days, and much more that are just unpleasantly warm (cool). That means that moderate hot (cold) weather kills more people than extreme temperatures.

In London, around 28C and -4C have a RR of 2.0 (which I think means ‘twice as likely to drop dead at those temperatures’). Note that this doesn’t mean that the heat/cold is necessarily killing you directly, you could be driving on a hot day and drive in front of a lorry because you’re distracted and didn’t get enough sleep the last night because of the heat.

Temperatures aren’t handled correctly right now. 32°C is hot but certainly wouldn’t cause hallucinations in an otherwise healthy person. But I’m just working through the heat - I mostly just strip down to my underwear during the day and only go out at night on clear well lit evenings.

It’s cooking that kills me :-). My poor inawoods toon is nearly passing out from heat exhaustion.

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To be fair, if I could only have one CBM installed it would be the one that regulates body temperature.

I live in Florida, when it was hurricane season a tree knocked down my fence and I had to chop it down and dig out the stump. Chopping the tree was the easy part since I had the neighbors help, but I had to dig out the stump myself.
Me, who’s never had to dig out a stump before and takes up long distance running and powerlifting for fun, did not enjoy digging that stump out of the ground and chopping the roots in 90 degree heat with 100% humidity.

I had to alternate between 10 minutes of digging out the stump and sitting in the house before I got dizzy. This was when the sun wasn’t even high, it was around 3pm and I still almost died lol.
If it goes above 100 like it did when I lived in Texas I’m not gonna bother going outside at all. This is why I’m a winter person.


i live in california, and i’ve lived in nevada, it regularly gets up to 110 and i’ve gone outside and walked several miles while wearing a black sweatshirt. but that was dry heat… humid heat is the worst.

… sssooo it really all depends on where you live and how long you’ve lived there… you can easily get used to 100 degree heat during the day (80 is ‘nice and cool average day around here’)

on the opposite end, there are people who can walk out in the snow and lay down… i’d be dying.

assumedly in the future there’ll be a system that slowly increments a sliding scale of what your character is used to heat/cold-wise?

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Is the weather in CDDA representative of the area it loosely corresponds to in the real world? Because if so I never want to move there. You bake all* summer and freeze all winter.

  • Well, nearly all

So, I got around to building my workstation and threw on a vehicle cooler to try and solve the issue, only to run into another. When active, the vehicle cooler produces both cold air AND hot air, for some strange reason.

When the cold air pockets hit, the temperature goes down to Comfortable levels, so that works as intended, but the hot air pockets kind of leave me in no better position than when I started.

Thermodynamics. It is impossible to ‘create’ cold, you can only move heat elsewhere. I didn’t realize that CDDA was that realistic.

You need to install an exaust pipe (muffler?) elsewhere in the vehicle; then the hot air will exit from there.
I just don’t know if it’s possible to make a vehicle workstation inside a house and use coolers to build a walk-in freezer effectively. Last time I tried, five coolers couldn’t make a 3x5 room into a freezer, even with a muffler directed outside.

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My workstation doesn’t have an engine, just a swappable storage battery. Nonetheless, I’ll give it a shot, though it means I’ll have to break a window or something.

i mean, even REGULAR air conditioners produce hot air… thats why you stick one end out a window.

… that begs the question… who wants to program in a swamp cooler?~ oh god who wants to program in humidity XD

It doesen’t matter if it has an engine or not; I don’t know the specifics, but it redirects the heat outside.
Found the info in a Reddit post sometime ago.
The problem is that I don’t know if the broken window blocked by a frame with a board counts as insulation, haha.

The difference between dry heat vs humid heat is insane. In dry heat you can sweat to cool yourself off, and if you have pale skin then you just have to worry about shade. When I went back home to Korea during the summer, the 111 degree Texan heat was literally nothing compared to me riding a stuffy escalator in 85 degree heat with 100% humidity at a underground subway station.

In any case while the heat is somewhat realistic I doubt it should be that extreme for fun purposes, but then again summer is a whole mother challenge. I have experience dealing with subarctic winters and subtropical summers due to the temperature fluctuating with the seasons back in Korea, but I’m not sure if New England should be getting that hot during the summer.

I guess you could just chalk it up to global warming and other cataclysm induced craziness lol

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Yeah. It’ll block air flow, so hot air won’t get inside the house.

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i mean at one point we did have LITERAL ACID RAIN for days after the beginning of the cataclysm.


That was rough. Though it was very useful to clean up the streets a bit!

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Broke a hole in my glass wall to try the muffler trick, put a board where the glass used to be and extended one more frame out with a muffler attached, and no dice. Still getting hot air along with cold while the cooler’s running.

I’ve been playing since 2012-2013, I still have a 0.A save somewhere in my hard drives. I remember when the two main killers of new players were:

  1. A moose
  2. Acid rain trapping you in the evac shelter for a week where you just up and dehydrated because you couldn’t go outside for water.

Fuck acid rain. It got to a point where I just made a new character if I got caught in it too early.


You’ve got to take it further out, I’d guess. Mine was about 5-6 tiles away, on the farther end of a solar panel array.