[0.D, exp] How I should deal with heat?

Hello, as the title might say I’m using the latest exp based on the launcher for 0.D; I started my game a few days ago, but I have a BIG problem.
CDDA, disable npc needs, makeshift item mod, more survival tools, Cataclysm++, hydroponics, vehicule addition pack, tanks and other vehicule, no filthy clothing, stat trough kills

I cannot in any way deal with heat.

At first it was spring, so outside was ok-ish, but near the end of spring I couldn’t craft using my fireplace because :
-Being 2 tile away in diagonal (for light) was too close and too hot
-Being 5 tiles away (using car light) was STILL too hot
-same 5 tile but hiding the fireplace behind a wall was ok but I couldn’t auto add fuel to the fireplace at this point (might be my fault)
(during all those situations I was using a simple nomad gear without anything else but simple light boot and glove)

Now it’s summer, i’m using a car powered working station, and unless i’m naked I’m “warm” while using only a light survivor gear (that’s only 15 warmth), taking some speed debuff. In my house. Without any fire, charcoal production, etc.

Compared to the last time I played (less than a year ago I think) it feel like the whole temp is way too hot. I don’t see any addition to the game to deal with this but I might missed it, so the question is : How to I deal with this much heat ? Can’t do any fight correctly because i’m way too slow. Maybe it’s a mod ? (thinking of cataclysm++).

The game is totally awesome beside that, though. 0.D feel super polished in a LOT of ways I didn’t expected (QOL improvements). If anybody that contributed to the game read this : Thanks !

[edit] So far, different solutions from the different post bellow :
-underground have a stable tem, so dig a hole or use a basement
-vehicule allow to build a cooler
-chainmail offer armor protection for 0 warmth
-flamme resistant set give good armor for very little warmth

It’s a lot cooler at night so it might be worth switching over until autumn rolls around, during the day you basically have to be naked or look for the absolutely coolest gear you can find. Unless it’s changed fairly recently (and unless it’s from one of my usual mods and I’m unaware) the individual pieces of chainmail offer good protection for 0 heat.

Thx for the reply. In my game, chainmail is 30 warmth. Light survivor gear is 15 and it’s the lowest warmth i’m able to make that provide any protection.

Check the individual pieces, a suit of chainmail is 30 warmth for me too.

Edit: Another option is looting/crafting flame resistance gear and lining it with kevlar.

I do not have the option to make individual chainmail gear. Might be able to get a book somewhere but not under this heat, and I can’t really scout around unless it’s day. Well maybe next summer

If flame gear drop from firemen, might be a decent idea but regardless sadly it’s quite far ahead for me atm

I guess I’ll be forced to only go out during the night for the next 60 days or more :confused:

Flame resistant suits/socks/hoods and gloves drop from firefighters and can be found in fire trucks and fire stations, you can also craft them if you have Sewing Techniques for Designers, clothing designer’s portfolio or A History of Firefighting , tailoring 6.

I’ve just checked and the individual chainmail parts are in the base game, you’ll need either DIY Compendium or Studies in Historic Armorsmithing to make them, fab 7.

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Thx a lot for the informations, I will try to grab that. :slight_smile:

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Regarding the fire thing, it could be that you’re just dumping a huuuge load of wood into the flames for long burns instead of keeping it alive through incremental additions via the “firewood source” construction in which you put all your wood nearby the fire instead.

It’ll burn a while if you do unload all the necessary wood into your burner, yes, but it’ll burn hot. Really hot. Because it’s basically a bonfire. The size of a fire determines its heat output. The incremental thing keeps it small and the heat manageable.

Summer isn’t that bad once you’re good enough with your character to go with light or almost no armor. I recommend a spartan lifestyle but that’s just me.

I am aware of the different fire size; And i’m using the automated fire thingy, using plank, splintered wood.

Extremely late game aside, I think it’s a bit sad to be that vulnerable because of the heat. I’m at the end of the summer and I couldn’t do anything but book reading and skill grind with only wood and car scrap for the last 100 days in game

Are you hardcore outdoorsman? Because if not, you could (and imho should) use electric alternatives. Hotplate, kitchen unit, whatever. Get some solar panels, a storage battery and don’t worry about overheating from fire ever again.

Hello gigglegrassgatherer,
allow me to quote myself and expand a bit to anwser your question.
“Now it’s summer, i’m using a car powered working station, and unless i’m naked I’m “warm” while using only a light survivor gear (that’s only 15 warmth), taking some speed debuff. In my house. Without any fire, charcoal production, etc.”
By car powered station I mean electric foodco, chem, welding rig, forge. And by “without fire”, I mean I am not using a fire or any sort but yet still warm all the day/ very hot during a part of the day (reminder : 15 warmth clothe only to carry minimal stuff and minimal protection)

Whoops. Somehow I missed all second part of an OP about using electrical devices and no fire :thinking:
Well, in this case the only way to not be warm in summer is to work at night or in a basement (there’s stable 6 Celsius in those). Current heat/cold model in the game isn’t quite realistic yet.

You could also build a cooling rig via vehicle assembly. Disassemble a bunch of fridges for the parts and hook it up to a power source and something that can control electronics.

If your problem is heat all the time then you could even make something similar that you can drag around with you like someone would a wheelbarrow or shopping cart. Heck, combine the two and drag the storage/cooler on wheels assembly around with you. Don’t forget to give it solar panels or charge it up every time you get home.

I didn’t knew that basement had stable temp, and wasn’t aware that cooler for vehicule even existed !
The cooler sound like a really good option since it’s easy to setup a wind turbine or steal some solar panel from building. Thx a lot !

Btw by basement you mean only world gen one or can I just dig somewhere, leave the solar up and connect it downstair with a cable ?

Anywhere below ground is cool, unless you’re near lava or something that gives off heat.

I don’t know if cables can be dragged up or down z levels but if they can then you should be able to have surface level power collectors connected to your underground stuff.

They can, at least in experimental (all credit for that piece of info goes to Vormithrax). You’d need heavy-duty cable, of course - not much space to operate with regular jumper cable’s 3 tiles. You can even go through multiple z-levels with enough length.

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