DF-style races as scenarios and professions

This is that thing I’ve linked to before elsewhere, but hadn’t really bothered to make a post for until now. Others have since looked at it and possibly found uses for it, but will post it here as well, along with some info on it. A few updates have been made to this anyway.

As the name implies, it adds multiple new scenarios that add professions, along with inherent traits that result in DF-flavored dwarves, elves, goblins, trolls, and kobolds.

Folder is Dropbox’d here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/89427928/fantasy.zip

The different races:

Dwarves: Dwarves universally start off in mine entrances. They inherently have Full Night Vision, Alcohol Metabolism, Subterranean Build, and Light Sensitive. Professions are swordsdwarf, hammerer, marksdwarf, miner, woodcutter, and brewer. Brewers are notable for starting off with a recipe book for various forms of dwarven alcohol.

Elves: Elves universally start off in forests. They inherently have Pointed Ears, Very Little Sleep, Very Dextrous, and Flimsy. Professions are spearman, swordsman, archer, and druid. Notable as a whole for starting with wooden armor. Druids are additionally notable for starting with a book about growing and shaping wood into various forms of armor.

Goblins: Goblins universally start in swamps. They inherently have Long Fingernails, Carnivore, Night Vision, Red Eyes (new trait, cosmetic), Ugly, Psychopath, and Cannibal. Professions include maceman, lasher, crossbowman, and snatcher.

Trolls: Trolls also start in swamps. They inherently have Saber Teeth, Horns, Carnivore, Full Night Vision, Huge, Tough, Shaggy Fur, Padded Feet, Deformed, Slow Learner, Illiterate, and Sapiovore. The only profession is, well, your basic troll. Big and mean, but you start with very little gear.

Kobolds: Kobolds universally start in the sewers. They inherently have Carnivore, Full Night Vision, Yellow Eyes (new trait, cosmetic), Pointed Ears, Frail, Slight Build (new trait, gains dexterity and perception, loses strength), Padded Feet, and Illiterate. Professions include spearman, archer, and thief.

Why no Dwarven soapmakers?

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I once had a soapmaker kill a werebeast in my fort.

I made a massive gold statue of him later.

Elves not cannibals?

They used to have the trait. But it doesn’t fit them as well as it fits goblins.

Also…in any case? I’ve serious lost the will to continue mucking about with Cataclysm as of late.

Yeah, I saw red the whole event go down, whatever path you take, good luck.