Devs: Please Watch Mad Max 2

Thanks in advance.

What kind of fucking suggestion is this?

-100 points. Not even kidding.

Thats actually like good suggestion I guess, Mad max Road Warrior revolutionized the perception of the post apocalyptic world, like the scavenged scrap vehicles, the punk psycho tribes, and the whole scavenged west themes, going back to the roots is never bad IMO.

+1 to… Funsize. Seriously. There be nothing in that suggestion worthy of… suggesting.

I’d be more supportive if you said “I was watching Mad Max 2 and thought of x y and z thing from that movie that should be included in Cataclysm.”

Yeah. Don’t be like: “Devs watch this movie now please.” Put a reason into it, like what John said.

Poorly put but I sorta see what he means. That said, short of a few things, a lot of what’s in the movie is already in CDDA in one shape or another.

[quote=“FunsizeNinja123, post:2, topic:4786”]What kind of fucking suggestion is this?

-100 points. Not even kidding.[/quote]
Settle down y’all.

The Road Warrior is entry-level stuff.

To be truly hardcore you gotta watch Ultra Warrior.

ohgod, please let that be on netflix…

Bet it is.

Watch the first one.
The second and third movies are just Hollywood spin off crap.

I guess this is a decent time for me to mention that I was immediately pleased when first learning this game that you can make leather vests and fingerless leather gloves!
If only you could use scrap metal or something to stud them for that true punk warrior feel!

fingerless gloves + 2 scrap metal = armored fingerless gloves.

It’s in the tailoring menu.

Really? I’m not seeing it… my tailoring skill is level 3.
Still, studded leather jacket needs to be a thing.

If you have high enough tailoring you can make plated leather armor.

Bah, just not the same.
Side note: Remember that time Tina Turner was a post-apocalyptic villain?

Equally valid suggestion: Devs, watch Jurassic Park.

Just kidding, although when you consider how this game is basically everything including the kitchen sink, time portals spawning demon possessed T rexes isn’t actually such an odd idea.

Be very careful … if you’re anything like me (I pray not for your sake, in general) you’ll end up in a weird circle of uhm … weirdness now.

-> You’ll think about Mad Max 2.
-> You’ll end up somehow stumbling into the fact that an Australian actor from the 2nd movie, Max Phipps, actually worked in the video game industry for a while.
-> You’ll realize they worked on the original never-actually-released ‘Wizardry 8’ game (and if you’re a huge fan of turn-based-combat-with-a-party style RPG games that alone will blow your mind).
-> You will find Clive on the internet.
-> You’ll stumble and then fall dangerously hard into a weird weird world of rumors and wacky crap about that game studio.
-> You’ll find out a lot of it is actually true.
-> Your head will asplode’.