Maximum Overdrive

No zombies, no skeletons, no lovecraftian creatures.

Just lots and lots of murderous trucks, and AC/DC music. Now, at the moment there’s no feasible method of implementing AC/DC music in the game, or murderous trucks. Science marches on though.

Just, like modify hulks to drop robot stuff, and use the Mi-Go speaking code to make them say truck sounds. This is a great idea. I swear.

Even if someone codes this, it’s pretty much certain not to hit the maingame. It might become a mod, but there’d need to be some significant support for the idea before anybody will code it.

I’ll admit, this was an idea that came up while Christmas-drunk.

I recant my claim of it having any place in the game.

Believe it or not, this movie scared the absolute shit out of me when I was a kid. The part where that kid is in the sewer (drainage ditch?)…damn lol.

Clayton! You’re back! Awesome. And yeah, it’s a pretty frightening notion, cars coming to life and killing their masters. It’s same sort of primal fear that what we use to perform work for us will revolt against us. Sort of in the same way that Terminator is.
Skynet was just John Brown with nuclear weapons.

Those trucks just want the right to live and be happy without being tolchocked or knifed. Once all those rotten humans are wiped out, they’ll be free to live in a peaceful car-run utopia.

Maximum Overdrive, is in fact, canon, to the Disney “Cars” series of films.

personally, i think this is the greatest idea of all time. that or mars attacks (that would be cool too)

but yeah, but this in the back where all the other So-So ideas are

I used to have nightmares where the plows that come at night in the winter would come get me lol. They eat up all the snow like it’s butter, that’s totally scary okay. I dunno if I’d try this mod but it’d definitely have like the dark equivalent of nostalgia for me.