Reproducible CTD: Vehicle Creation?

Reproducible crash. No idea what’s causing it yet, I just need to spin some time in this game and it’ll fall over with this message.
Not sure if my save is completely screwed or not.

DEBUG    : Out of bounds add_vehicle t=none d=90 p=132,5,0
 FUNCTION : vehicle* map::add_vehicle(const vproto_id&, const tripoint&, int, int, int, bool)
 FILE     : src/mapgen.cpp
 LINE     : 6819

Then there’s the crash log.

CRASH LOG FILE: config/crash.log
VERSION: 0.D-576-g6d4a4ba
TYPE: Signal
MESSAGE: SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault

Can provide a save repro if you want, but they’re huge so I’ll need someplace to dump it.

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If no one has answered for 26 days, maybe you should consider contacting one of the devs. Nobody seems to know why this is happening.