Describe your best Cataclysm run

In my best run, I found a gun store immediately and found some kinda revolver that I cant remember the name. I then ran through the town and one-shotted every single zombie, and then looted all the houses after they were all dead. So I basically had a garage filled with enough supplies to last for weeks. Eventually I just stopped playing and lost the world when I had to wipe my whole computer because of some shitty virus I got. To this day, I’ve never had a run that good.

Every run since February, 2014.

My best one was the origin of Marloss Man, the original. I start, checking the map. I see a fungal bloom near the evac shelter. I assume that this is going to be a bad run, but decide to make the best of it and step out to get started. Immediately I see a military corpse spawn. This was back when there were no zombies or nether creatures around corpse spawns. I loot the corpses, getting some nice military armor. The cream of the crop was a 40mm launcher and some explosive rounds. I went to the fungal bloom, killed the spire, and gathered some marloss berries. Marloss Man (which wasn’t his actual name) went on to become the best survivor I had until Marloss Man Reborn.

My best run involved me building a wall around a public work (which is my preferred base type, due to being close to a city and has lots of tools). With a 2 wide pit trap around the wall for easy meat (it was right next to a forest). I blocked the gate with my super vehicle built up of superalloy, inbuilt kitchen, lots of storage, bed, basically a temporary base. I used the vehicle to clear out towns and loot them.

Twas a good run, haven’t had one in a while. (I dislike demons)

Define best? may i simply impose my own deffinition? To me every run that made me laugh was a good one . Every run in which i discover something new was good as well.But i just can tseem to decide on a best run–

If you wantme to answere by a set deffinition of good run… give yours.

any looooong run that does not end in abrupt, senseless death.

For example, the first run I ever made with a character called “sepia smotch.” relatively normal except tentacle legs and a snake tongue. got mechanics skill waaay the hell up and basically ran everything over. That character was in the stable version, and is still currently alive. I cant go back to it now that ive seen all the new stuff though and I cant import the saves forward because of artifacts I have in that save. It was a hell of a lot of fun though, I still remember my truck flying apart when I hit some bushes at high speed.

I found an armored car on a bridge with a good amount of fuel, battery is half charged and fully decked with a mounted machine gun and a plow with spiked plating on front.

The thing is it was my best, possibly worst(?) and most hilarious(?) run. I survived for five days living inside the armored car as the remaining ammo on the mounted MG kept me safe. I plowed through countless houses and was amazed by the structural integrity because even though I wrecked the most half of the house, it still stood. I loved how wherever there are hordes I’d just drive over them and leave behind a bloody mess. The only setbacks was every once in a while some parts turn yellow but rarely red nor gray, but it can be easily fixed with duct tape right?

Then as I was driving through another bridge I ran over a child zombie and lost control then plunged into the river. Almost all my stuff was in the car’s trunk save for some medical supplies, a multitool and a 2.5 liter canteen filled with coffee.

which is why i always leave 1 or 2 caches of food, water, tools and clothes in some strategic locations.
they call me a hoarder, they call me a coward but i know better!
maniacal laugh

My run->legendary had hit a haaard wall with 0.A. Keep in mind that this character’s autosaved in a “rolling” fashion.

The dude had been around for 16 years of CataDDA adventuring; even before the devs made saves backwards compatible.
Before this time, he met his end but once – I summoned a dozen jabberwockies to test his melee skills.

So, latest 0.A experimentals are somehow hard.

About a month back I had one. She had effectively reached the point of unkillable (stopping time for 7 hours will do that), and was wearing full artifact gear. She could (and often did) kill hordes using nothing but chain lightning, and, in dire situations, her magical flesh eating toys.

She was the only survivor I ever retired as a hero. After 10 years in game (100 day seasons), I decided to turn an evac shelter that still had npcs into a veritable safe haven for the tired and weary. It had over 100 beds, massive farm land, multiple water pumps, a 3 layer thick fence, a power array (which used to be my jumbo car), and a laser turret defense system. She even released some manhacks on security detail. After all that work, she sat down, drank a gallon of vodka, and enjoyed her retirement.

My current one.
I started in an LMOE shelter filled with supplies and rotten stuff. Then I did my town-looting ritual and went South following a river that had saved my life twice and attempted to end it thrice (swamps). Then I holed up in a cleared-out Lab and built a wall around the surface area and constructed survival basics (stove, well, roof, etc). It was all pretty great until I overestimated the badassery of my nail rifle and Remington 700. I ended up running around several field map tiles to lose them when suddenly I ran into a compound labeled Refugee Center in my map. I asked about what was inside all over the forums, and finally gathered up the courage (but not the information) to break into one of its many boarded up windows.

Then I found NPC paradise. All I’m going to say is, I found civilization again!