Remember your first game? How did it end?

I chose to be a firefighter in a burning building, got trapped by the then seemingly invincible normal zombies, and died horribly as the roof collapsed. Almost quit then and there, glad I didn’t!

I made a psychopathic survivor that…got munched by zoms. Now I play without hordes cause I am le wimp.

Basic survivor in a shelter. Fallowed the road, died in a house.

Regular survivor. Went downstairs and found a ton of supplies, but it had 3 zombies in it. Killed them, set up my rollmat and read a book next to a lamp. Stopped reading when all 3 got up and tried to kill me. Killed them, and went to bed.

At that time I didn’t know that they revived and I needed to pulp them. I also didn’t know that sleeping actually healed wounds.

They ended up killing me after the 3rd try. Bastards.

I seem to remember that my first ever survivor went exploring into a mine and got killed when he found the amigara horrors. That was the same time when i went ‘wait a minute, i know this name - this game is referencing Horror mangas from Junji Ito?!’ and I loved it :stuck_out_tongue:

Basic survivor went forraging in woods found moose

Stepped out of the shelter, found a Moose, died.

I didn’t know there was a run key… Hulks caught me and played catch with me.

Went into town, died to zombies.

I’m sensing a theme here. Hit play now, found a Mi-Go outside the evac shelter, died.

Started up as a gangster once, until I found out a gun doesn’t make you all that invincible.

I mean, nearly every death in cataclysm comes from underestimating something. And as a little baby nooblet you tend to underestimate EVERYTHING. Id wager that most people’s first death in this game involved trying to directly confront something that they should have run away from.

Giant Wolf Spider in one of their forest hideaways if I remember correctly (though that was back before we had moose and the vast majority of other dangerous forest wanderers).

I lit a fire to read by while hiding out in the basement of a cathedral on the first night. Burned to death in the flames.

Don’t we all eventually burn down a church? Good times…

Don’t we all eventually burn down a church? Good times…[/quote]

We should really put out a PSA about using the ovens that can be found in every house (and cathedral basement) to start fires. A ton of people here and on Reddit still don’t know about it because it was introduced after the guides on CDDA wiki were written. Would prevent alot of fiery deaths.

Started in the shelter, headed to town, panicked because my hands were freezing, ended up running away from zombies into another pack of zombies.

I started being a bionic assassin, i didn’t knew howl bionics or combat worked and got munched by a wolf pack.

First, first game? Way back when it was just Cataclysm…

Couldn’t find a knife (was quite rare in super old versions of the original game). Starved to death cause I couldn’t butcher anything.

My most memorable recent death was a very well geared, skilled survivor… blundering into a turret in a lab - that I had already cleared and explored. I think I went back for more jugs of bleach or something. Yep… I had been ‘dealing’ with turrets by just closing the door on them and forgetting about them, and well that’s how that ended up working for me.

I do remember my first game, since it was only a few weeks ago! Maybe a month. I dunno I’m bad with time.

I started as an evacuee survivor. I went outside and none of you will ever guess what I ran into… A moose! Yes. Believe it lol.
It didn’t kill me in the end actually. It chased me straight into town, where a mass of zombies ended up chasing me straight into a house. I got into a heated kerfuffle with him, bare fists! Annnd lost. I was quite overwhelmed at that point, I was thinking Damn. Was that a moose? I have a lot to learn.