Deployed brazier vanishing when carry volume exceeded (save included)

Windows pre-compiled version

Very odd one, this. When I pick up just enough items to put my carry weight over the volume limit, my deployed Brazier tile completely disappears. It cannot be interacted with or disarmed. But drop one item to unencumber myself, and the brazier magically reappears. I completely quit out of the game and restarted it, and the same thing happens, so I’ve preserved the save for testing.

I highly suspect that my character’s lowered Perception stat is causing this “trap” to become undetectable. If that’s the case, then this is happening at Perception: 7. I should note that my character is suffering from the Common Cold disease, which is lowering his stats.

Save file:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load the save. Notice the brazier tile next to the player.
  2. Pick up nearby objects to bring you carry volume to 101.
  3. Observe brazier tile.
  4. Drop a single object to bring the volume back down to 100 or less.
  5. Observe brazier tile.