[Build .9-2671-g65b2436] Disappearing weapon

Build .9-2671-g65b2436
Curses (fairly sure, tiles were on by default but was still ASCII)
Win 7

Not sure if this was reported already, but a quick glance through the top pages didn’t show anything.

Was doing combat in the latest experimental build and I was disarmed of my trench knife by a fat zombie.
When I went looking for it the item was gone without a trace.

Um… when you say you were disarmed, do you mean the knife was stuck in the zombie? If so, killing the zombie will produce the knife. Should. Unless that’s what you mean, like that’s the bug.

I went with disarmed because the combat text said the zombie yanked the knife from my hands, not stuck as I’d normally expect to see from something like a Katana. It might functionally be the same thing in the code but I’m not certain of that, and yeah, after killing it, the knife wasn’t on it’s corpse to reclaim.