Deleting single enemies via the debug menu/similar

So, as a result of ruthless savescumming multiple “crashes”, I’ve ended up with every enemy in the lab I’m in being quadrupled. Not only does this make exploration a pain in the ass, it also makes reading/sleeping/crafting/etc REALLY slow.

Anyone got any suggestions on how I could clean up the extras? There’s always the “Kill all enemies option” but I’d rather not do that.

Edit – Ended up just doing the Kill All option because I got impatient, and because it only killed the nearby enemies anyway. So while it got rid of a feewwww enemies that I would have had to fight, for the most part it was just extras.

As far as I know, there’s no debug option to remove a single monster (or part of a group) from a specific place.

I do have some ideas what you could do to get rid of monsters, but this is going to be messy and take quite some time…:

  • You could give your character the invincibility debug trait along with 1000 strength and just punch through some of the duplicates before returning to your original position and removing these settings. However, you’ll end up with a lot of bodies and flesh all over the place, along with some extra materials, unless you gather them up (don’t mix them with stuff that was on the floor before) and throw them into a lava rift or run them over with a vehicle.
  • You could use the map editor, along with a clairvoyance artifact or trait to either play “the floor is lava” (place lava tiles under all the duplicates, wait a turn and set it back to normal floor) which will remove the monsters (but also whatever’s on that tile with that monster) or place dissector traps under all the monsters (which will make a mess again).
  • Depending on your coding skill, you could open up the save file for the lab and write some code that goes through the file and just randomly removes 3/4 monsters.

As you see, while the first two solutions allow for some control, they will also ruin the lab exploration, and the last one’s require coding experience and is going to be really random and might remove some monsters they shouldn’t.

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You can do it with the map editor, by placing a field around them. I’ve used it to target and eliminate fungaloids who wandered in the edge of the map while I was debug-testing stuff and didn’t want to respawn my testing monsters. A rectangular field of thick antifungal and they died. For zombonis I figure an electrical cloud might work?

True, that is also an additional method (I’ve just forgot to list it, I’m usually use acid). But it makes a mess too…