Using the Debug menu?

When I use the map editor, I can’t remove enemies, items, or furniture from the game.
Is there a way to do that?

I am setting up a house as part of a RP character, and need to move/smash some furniture.

Then [S]mash it. Or press * and press g to move stuff. You gotta move in the direction of where the furniture is, then move in the direction of where you wanna move the stuff.


Ok then, is there anyway to remove items/corpses?

[quote=“Jericoshost, post:3, topic:2668”]?

Ok then, is there anyway to remove items/corpses?[/quote]

The best way that comes to mind is setting them on fire, throwing acid bombs or creating magma over them if you feeling cheaty.

For items, you can just go far away and dump them someplace. Or burn them. Or if you’re lucky, you have a lava rift somewhere. For corpses you can chop them up and burn the meat.

Ok, I can’t smash beds though, any way to get rid of them?

Use * to Dissasemble them, but you can indeed smash them.

Every time it just says ‘there’s nothing there!’

It seems beds got bugged in the latest builds, however you can still disassemble them with a hammer and a screwdriver.