Debug Menu Help

Hi, guys.

So, I have a character that has built himself a walled in fortress around a LMOE shelter. It has a garage, workshop, farm fields, lots of stuff to be proud of. I decided, just for giggles, to make a fenced-off area and fill it with farm animals. The turkeys flew over the fence, so I added sheep. I used the debug menu to add these sheep, but I added waaaaay too many. And then I tried to figure out how to delete the sheep, and I just ended up killing them all. So now I have a pen filled with about 300 sheep corpses and I want to know if you guys have any idea how to delete the corpses with the menu?


I do not belive you can actually do it with the menu but editing the save file might do it.

You can use mapgen to regenerate those tiles. In map editor, press ‘o’, find relevant section (probably field) and apply it. It removed terrain, furniture and vehicles.

how about…

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