I would like to clear a road through a few map tiles of forest. Any suggestions short of burning the whole thing down? Don’t think I want to risk plowing through with a truck and I definitely don’t want to chop by hand.

You could have a special built truck for it. Add some extra frames on the front. Electric might be better then gasoline as you can rupture a fuel tank and start a fire. Vehicles definitely sound like your best bet. Even when the front frames become broken, to the best of my knowledge they are still going to absorb the impact with the trees.
If you hit the trees too hard you could lose control of the vehicle.

the only way i can really think of getting through the forest is burning, driving, or spending hours choping

hypothetically, you can blast out a path using explosives.

Lead several flaming eyes to the forest somehow, and have them level it as they target you while you walk around…

Probably go with the electric car idea posted earlier…

Electric converted semi with reinforced sharpened cattle catcher - check. That should keep me busy. I’ll report back.

Let us know how it works as I’ve never actually tried this. :slight_smile:

Just gonna say, unless it’s a tiny forest a fire will last for weeks.
I’d bring something to read. Maybe a gas mask too.

I’ve used a combination of Molotovs, a shovel, and a chainsaw to clear a path wide enough for the MFB In a particularly thin chunk of forrest once. It worked fairly well but it took around 40+ molotovs, then again back when I was still using the MFB that damned thing was as wide as vehicles could get.

I ll personally try with a charge rifle youll need a lot of batteries but i think that will be the most controlled way

With enough power and power regeneration, you can use the Sonic Resonator bionic power. It will take a while, and the ground will be covered in FORCE_CAPITAL_YN and SEASON_LENGTH.

Found a semi, converted it to all electric, put 2 rows of frame/steel plating on front, got up a good head of steam and…

Cleared like 4 rows before losing control and stopping. Tried different speeds but no big change. Backing up after the crash was worse because while a “1” tree hung my super duper semi, I could step out and 1 punch said tree away to release the truck. So smashing/backing/smashing wasn’t viable. Plus the plating and frame and tires went quick. Oh well, guess I’ll build a flamethrower.

Psh, the obvious answer here is to launch a tactical nuke at the offending area.

Doh - why didn’t I think of that? I just got that crafting recipe. I’ll report back after Operation Paul Bunyan.

Try not to throw it accidentally at a tree in front of you.

I had something else in mind.