Defining per-user writable directories?

Hello. I’m looking for advice on using cataclysm with multiple users on a Debian system.

I can put my cdda binary in /usr/local/games but the game relies on a data directory, and presumably creates the save directory, the graveyard, config, etc.

I don’t want to copy the base game data for every user; but the game appears to look in $PWD for the stuff. How can I configure it so that it looks in a known root-owned place for the shared data, but a user-configurable place (perhaps set by an environment variable?) for the data the game will create for any user that runs it?

It seems like the current style is to use $HOME/.config/appname/ to store such data, so if I have to set it at compile time I’d like to use that - but since that uses an environment variable I might as well just use a cataclysm-specific one.

As an aside, does cataclysm already use environment variables? Is there a list?

Try passing cataclysm the --help flag for a full list of arguments, but what you’re looking for is probably some co.bination of --datadir, --configdir and --savedir

That’s exactly what I needed, thanks!