Unable to save preferences, controls or templates (Linux)

Hi. Before going ahead, congratulations and thanks for what I regard as the very best RL available.
Just have a small problem. As the title says, I can’t save my preferences, controls’ keybindings or character templates. I’m running cata dda stable 0.9-1 from AUR in Arch Linux. MaybeI have the permissions for some folder wrongly set-up or something? Could someine tell me which files should I look at, what permisions should they have and which users should own them?

Sounds likely. It looks like you need write access to /usr/share/cataclysm-dda/data, or possibly /usr/share/cataclysm/data, I can’t be sure because I don’t know which AUR you’re using, a search turns up 4 of them. All the settings you mention are stored in the data directiory rather than the save directory, which is our bad, we should move them, maybe to a settings directory or something so they aren’t mixed in with hte data files like that.
What looks like the most popular, https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/cataclysm-git/, wants you to be a member of the game group to run it.

Changed the permisions for the folder and it now works. Weird place to keep configs, maybe you should move preferences to a dot-directory in your home or something. Anyway, thanks for the info.

I usually love arch and the AUR, but cases like this demonstrate why it also kinda sucks. No way to provide an “official” cataclysm package there that is guaranteed to be maintained by someone who knows what they’re doing(e.g. an actual cataclysm dev), good luck with that package from a random stranger bro.

Um, I looked in the PKGBUILD for what looks like the most popular dda AUR, and it’s got code all lined up for doing the right thing™ if we seperated out the directories and made them configurable like we should. In the end this is my fault :frowning: