Default settings

So, in my last playthrough, I made it through most of year 1 before I got bored and killed my character.

I found that I was only running 15 day seasons, which confused me because I thought the default had been bumped up. I also started in spring, but I thought we changed the default to summer? And finally, I found that Z-levels were turned off, and I thought we also changed that to default to on.

Since I’ve been doing YouTube, I want to play with settings the average player would have. So, I was a bit disappointed.

I was also disappointed to discover that there’s no way to revert the world screen to its default values? Or am I just missing that button? I had to go through, setting by setting and read the ‘default’ line in the description. Which is not a lot of work, don’t get me wrong, but it was annoying.

Aside from a fresh installation is there any way for me to quickly do this in the future? Settings will inevitably change over time and I probably won’t realize it.

pretty sure the default has stayed spring for quite a long time, i usually get bored with my characters before they have to worry about being too hot and carrying all these limes.

Mmm. You’re right, that one didn’t change. The other two did, though. There was a discussion surrounding it, and I thought the end was ‘Okay, I’m going to change it’.

Clear your config folder once in a while.