Thoughts about game option and interface defaults

Now, I know this is a much more minor issue than all the issues currently going on in the experimental but, a few of the game and interface defaults puzzle me:

Snap-to-target: this is by default Off, and that puzzles me, as all it does is give the player the same sort of info they’d get out of looking around with x… which seems like a good idea when planning out a shot or series of shots.

Aim Window Display Style: I… suppose some players might want some sort of more abstracted aim measurement so as to make it more “real” but for everyone else, numbers is a clearer, less arcane method of conveying extremely important information.

Now, a couple things that are in-game defaults: The Minimap that by default is in the lower right corner… I hate it, it gobbles up space on the info column and provides at best marginal information while preventing me from more or less seeing much info at all from the text in the text Log. I much prefer having access to the Moon/Temp bar, since then, having a suitable item means I instantly notice if a lab is getting stupid cold, instead of having to wait for system messages, or religiously checking my @ screen. I might use the Minimap more if it was like, a thing I’d press a key and it’d pop up in a much larger form, but as it stands, it simultaneously takes up too much space and is too tiny for me to generally get use out of.

Item Sorting when [V]iewing, or using / for advanced interaction with items around you: I always set it to sort by category and never look back, and while I can see a situational argument for distance-based sorting with [V]iewing, I don’t feel it’s that useful a default.

Now, maybe I’m wrong and everyone loves these settings as defaults, and if that’s the case, I suppose I’m in the wrong. But does anyone else, like me, always change these particular defaults? Are there other defaults out there that you always change?

The units. I need actual useful units always change them to metric. But this default makes a lot of sense, as the game plays in New England, USA, so that’s the units one would messure in.
I also change the Snap to target and Aim window display style.

For the minimap, I actually like it. I liked and used it even with my old 19" desktop screen (but I always set the Pixel minimap drawing mode to Solid, otherwise I can’t look at it without having my eyes glitch out).
Making it larger (as in “fullscreen”) would be almost of no use, as it’s basically the same thing you’d get by zooming out on the main screen (aside the highlighted monsters).
Hiding/Showing the minimap with Shift-N (if I need a larger overview of my message log for example) is quick enough for me.
Also, not having the minimap as a default means that new players (who might not check all the options before they start a new game) might never notice that there is one.

The same goes for other things I turn off right away (if I don’t forget): Auto save, Fullscreen and Edge scrolling.

Other things I always change:
Pickup position to Overlapping, as this was the original way and I got used to it.
All Auto notes to true as I’m not going to label everything by hand and it’s easily removed if I don’t need it.
Tileset to ChestHole16.

…But really, these are - in my opinion - all just personal preferences…

The only thing I do change and that I think might be worth to consider changing back to what it was some time ago is World end handling to Query (I usually set this to Keep, as I can always reset it manually if I’d like to).
But I do understand that this does not fit well with the concept of a Rogue like/light game.

admittedly, personal-preference things is why I didn’t bring up Fullscreen or Auto-save.

I was also admittedly unaware of Shift-N.

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For one, I get rid of Imperial measurements and °F immediately and replace them with metric and °C, because otherwise, I am having trouble imagining the actual quantities of anything.

I could not get used to the new sidebar in 0.E at all and after a while of confused screaming, I switched it back to how it was in 0.D. Thankfully, the option was there.

Then, I had to deactivate the “autoselect if exactly one valid target” because it irritated me to no end.

The comma I used to press to pick up stuff directly below me did not seem to work anymore in 0.E, so I had to remedy that or get gajillions of “unknown commands” when smashing that comma, as I had been used to for untold aeons.

It would seem that automatic letters for all the junk I have in my inventory are turned off by default now. Had to turn them back on, or risk breaking the cursor keys.

Plus, I change the z and Z keybindings to y and Y and vice versa - but that is only because of my keyboard layout.

I seem to have no trouble with the minimap whatsoever and keep the aiming window as bars because so it was in the times of our forefathers and so shall it be for all time.

Coming to think of it… I seem to be a little too fond of the past :smiley: Oh well.

“+” menu shows if it’s cold or hot instantly (you don’t need to wait till your actual body part start feeling cold/hot like with @". Although, what those numbers mean exactly is anyone’s guess… but in my experience, if they are in green, it’s ok.

Yep. Only right pickup position. Because it is, you know, right :slight_smile: