Dat farming

Farming really is OP. One season of growing just a few hand tilled plots gave me more cereals and weed than my character can possibly hope to live long enough for to ever use up. 240 marijuana from 3 plots hahaha.
On the brght side, now I can put all farming efforts into growing sugar beets next year. I hear moonshine >> diesel is the way to go nowadays.

It’s mostly because by the time you seriously farm, food is no longer a big concern.

This may change when (if) NPCs get to eat full shares and get their own jobs.


You people are going to give NPCs community roles?


To be fair, majijuana really grow fast. A single plant will provide all the weed a normal person could smoke for a couple years.

Farming is even more OP if you find a seed drill and a reaper. Slap those on a small 3x3 tractor and you’re basically printing food. Easily takes 20x as long in-game to dehydrate it all as it does to plant and harvest.

Not sure if there is any fruit tree in the forest made by triffid queen.

If there is, you can even make an orchard.

Sounds about right, then. Plowing is easy, planting is… not quite as easy. Canning and preserving… takes forever unless you have a setup to do it in a mass-production kind of way.

The hardest parts of farming aren’t really in the game; soil nutrients, soil moisture, fast growing weeds, squash bugs, squash beetles, squash vineborers (evil!), caterpillars, plant diseases causing you to need to not plant in or near a spot for years or decades… fun stuff.

Certainly stuff to think about adding to make end game less… easy. I wouldn’t be against having some ways to mitigate all/ most of the stuff in an easy enough manor, but it seems like there should be some diseases and such that start to rear their heads when you start making mass production farms.

Risk/reward and all that.

i am not against more realistic farming per se. I just think that dev time is much better spent elswhere.
I want to fight rediculess shit endgame. More npc interactions.Dangerous locations. Faction spread. And Highly advanced equipment cbms/mutagens/alien artifakts.

After that okay.

makes sense.

Weeds and pests are the main things - that is, other stuff coming in and messing up your plants. Heck, just rabbits and birds can be bad enough, depending on what you’re growing.

While I agree that it shouldn’t be higher priority than some more/better end game stuff, these kinds of things should be MUCH higher priority than, say, filthy clothes and such.

Actually, the solution to horde spawning (that is, where they won’t spawn INSIDE secured areas) could also be used to check if your farming area is secure and penalize the output if it isn’t (due to pests).

Honestly it doesn t rate higher as filthy clothing for me.
Though i never hated that.

Secured areas sound like a promissing mechanic though. If that also makes farming a bit more realistic sure.

[quote=“Coolthulhu, post:2, topic:12634”]It’s mostly because by the time you seriously farm, food is no longer a big concern.

This may change when (if) NPCs get to eat full shares and get their own jobs.[/quote]

Ideally, I’d like to think this should make things go in the other direction, with NPCs doing the farming for you.
And if they could also be scheduled to do some crafting…

having npcs to dring and eat and making possible to assign jobs to them should be nice

someday survivors will run large fortress outpost where survivors are farming, mining, cooking, crafting, making booze and throwing tandrums when pc is driving his deathmobile with squad of trained soldiers

Well…we already have a gun that shoots gas clouds…maybe pesticide should be a thing? Spray your plots with it to increase yield as a simulation of eradicating pests?

I just got 1060 cannabis from 8 plots. Now I need to find a refugee shelter with traders who buy weed.

Cataclysm Fortress.

11/10, would play again.