Dark during the day?

.9 stable version. I am near sighted and far sighted. I have bifocals. they are scratched. I was readng and i see its morning. then it got dark.

in the time part time was showing with a ‘,’ and now its showing a ‘c’. Looks like its almost noon and its dark? it cant be my glasses. I was readng then it went dark. so they didnt get more damaged.
game says its clear and 70 degrees.

[ c ]

that is about where the time says it was. it was a ‘,’ for a while.

let me make sure this is clear. I was reading and not fighting when it got dark. Now I am seeing a capital C in the time. I cant figure out why its dark. just turned a flashlight on. i can see farther. so its not my traits or my glasses. i cant figure out what is happening.

the C should represent a moon
the * a sun


Yep. A “c”, “C”, or “,” indicates night, where a “+” or “*” indicates day. A “_” is dusk or dawn, depending on the color.

You can always find a pocket watch, wrist watch, or PDA if you’re having trouble. :wink:

oh. i think i changed this to 24h time. so night time is in the middle of the clock. i got it.