Cygwin Question


So, I have had this question for some time, it’s an incredibly stupid one, but I cannot keep on living without it being answered.
Do I really need to re-compile the whole thing every time I pull new stuff from the git rep, being forced to create a new world?

Yes, the source code is being pulled so you need to recompile. You don’t necessarily have to delete the world though. They’ve made a lot of strides towards save-file compatibility (e.g. inventory items being listed by name rather than a number which might change between versions). The world can still get messed up when they add map tiles, but you can generally salvage your character at least by deleting everything except the *.sav and *.gsav files, causing the game to generate a new world upon loading a character. Make sure you carry everything you want to save in your inventory though, because the map and everything on it, including vehicles, will be gone.