Transfer saves to cygwin from windows

Hey I have a few saves from the windows version of the game but now I have gotten cygwin. I tried just moving the saves into the save folder in cygwins home directory but that makes the game crash, and i´ve just recently found a shovelfor the first time!
Is there any way to continue playing my old character on cygwin?

Remember that with 0.3 it’s recommended that you start a new game (character, template and world). That’s probably the reason why it’s crashing, and not the change of platform.

Thanks for the fast answer! I guess i´ll just have to suck it up then.

Do you happen to know why cygwin is better than playing it in windows? I just did the install becaue i´ve heard that it´s better but i don´t really know why

It’s not actually better. It’s main (only?) advantage is that it allows you to easily get and play the latest pre-release version of the game via github. That includes all the latest features and bug fixing, but also can introduce other bugs on its own.

In fact, using cygwin has its handful of drawbacks:

  • Movement key presses are processed even when the game should be stopped/paused. That means that if you were pressing the key to move your character to the left (left arrow or 4) and autosave kicks in, once it’s done saving your character will move to the left for as long as you had the key pressed while saving, even if you aren’t pressing the key anymore. That single thing can and will kill you if you’re not aware and prepare for it, particularly while driving vehicles.

  • Screen tearing while moving vertically

  • Colors change. Brown turns yellow, light and dark green are indistinguishable, etc. It both makes the game uglier and breaks it slightly (for example, it’s pretty difficult to tell if a vehicle part is undamaged or lightly damaged, as both are the same green shade in cygwin).

Not to mention that every time you download and compile you HAVE to start a new game, as there’s no backwards compatibility at all.

So, unless you want to play the bleeding edge version of the game you probably should stick with the official windows version.

Ah, i see thanks a lot for the informative post. Can´t you update the windows version with the latest fixes/releases?

For that you’d have to compile it yourself by using MinGW + Msys or code::blocks, for example. Note that I had troubles compiling with those in the past (compiling errors, particularly with code::blocks).