Cutting down string and ropes


Thanks for the continuing work devs, this is becoming a fantastic game.

I have a request on ropes and strings. Currently you can construct strings and ropes via the crafting menu from smaller pieces. ie: 50 thread -> 6 in string, 6x 6 in string -> 1 3ft string, etc), but cutting down a 3 ft string gives you a rag. not so helpful for my pipe bombs. You apparently cannot cut down a rope and a 6in string gives you nothing. If ropes & string could be disassembled with a slight loss of material along the same recipes as they are assembled that would make crafting a bit less tedious and the whole process a bit more realistic? Something like this:

50 thread -> 6 in string, 6 in string -> 40 thread
6x 6in string -> 3ft string, 3ft string -> 5x 6in string
6x 3ft string -> 1 6ft rope, 1 6ft rope -> 5x 3ft string

I read somewhere that one of you was working on cleaning up disassembly so maybe this has already been addressed for future release, but I thought I’d put it out there and I think a slight loss of material during disassembly would add a little extra challenge and realism to the game.

Thanks again for the new vice.

Try ‘a’ and selecting a knife, and then selecting the thing you want to cut. I’m pretty sure you can get string from rope this way.
Not sure if this is what you were asking for, I’m really tired so my reading comprehension isn’t great right now.

You dissemble ropes.

If getting 6in string from 3ft string isn’t in, it should be.

Use the ‘(’ Disassemble command to turn rope 30ft->rope 6ft->string 3ft->string 6in.

I’d actually prefer to have string/rope work like thread and sinew.