Custom tilesets in Linux build

Is it possible to use custom tilesets with the Linux build of C:DDA? I apologize if this has already been brought up before. I want to use Waldo’s tileset but was unable to figure out how to do this.

I don’t have the linux version, but i suppose you should be able to enter the files of cataclysm, then in the tilesets folder, and add your custum tileset. Can you see the folders?

Yes I can see all the folder directories as far as I know. The Waldo tileset tells me to put the corresponding folder into the //gfx/ folder which is straightforward for Windows but does not exist (as far as I know) for the Linux build I downloaded.

You’re probably talking about experimental. I’ve just noticed there is a slight problem at the website with “Linux Graphical” link actually pointing to curses version. What you have to do upon clicking this link, in the Jenkins screen, click the triangle to the left of “Curses, Linux” at the top, and change it to “Tiles, Linux”. Or just follow this link.