Running Cata on Linux

I have Linux Mint 17, I’m trying to run Cataclysm DDA Brin.

I’m new to Linux though, so I’m not sure how to go about doing this. I downloaded the linux version, but upon trying to run the CDDA-tiles a grey window will come up and then disappear.

I assume I have to compile, a set of instructions would be very helpful.

Dunno if the Gentoo and Ubuntu notes on the wiki would be of any help; unfortunately, they’re all I’ve got. :-/

Try cd’ing to the Cata directory and do ./cataclysm-launcher

That’s always worked for me, but I usually do terminal mode on my lil Linux netbook.

Failing that, cd to the directory and run “sudo ./cataclysm-launcher”

[ol][li]Open console[/li]
[li]Run this command: git clone[/li]
[li]Go into the directory (cd Cataclysm-DDA)[/li]
[li]make RELEASE=1 (no tiles) or make RELEASE=1 TILES=1 (with tiles), add LOCALIZE=0 if you don’t want languages other than english[/li]
[li]When it finishes, run with ./cataclysm[/li][/ol]

If it complains about not knowing what is git (I think it shouldn’t, but it can), run sudo apt-get install git.
If it complains about missing SDL in the part with make, run sudo apt-get install libsdl2-dev. If about missing gettext, I think it should be sudo apt-get install gettext or add LOCALIZE=0 to line with make.

Thanks for the help, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

If try cd’ing and then running using terminal I get this:

‘Couldn’t find Cataclysm game binary in [directory]’

If I try doing Coolthulu’s method I get stuck on the ‘make RELEASE=0’ getting an error saying:

make: g++ command not found

I’m using the Linux SDL/tiles version if that helps, should I be using Linux curses?

There’s no g++ in mint by default. That’s easy to fix, though.

First try sudo apt-get install g++. Then retry points 3 and 4.

If that doesn’t work, find the actual name of your g++. To do this, open a console, write g++ and then press escape or tab twice so that it tries to autocomplete it. It should autocomplete to something like g+±4.1. Then execute ln -s [that g++ name you just found] g++. For example, ln -s g++-4.1 g++. Then once again retry 3 and 4.

I forgot to mention: when you want to update, go to the directory from point 3, execute git pull and then the make command from 4. No need for the git clone part.
Command from point 4 can take a lot of time (an hour), but if it keeps writing text every few seconds, it is working. You want to always have RELEASE=1 in the line with make or your game will be the debug version and debug version is incredibly slow.

You don’t need to give up tiles, your problem isn’t related to them.

Thanks alot for the help Cool,

I installed g++ successfully but am now getting the following error when trying to run step 4 (step 1-3, runs fine):

g++ -DLOCALIZE -Os -Wall -Wextra -Werror --std=c++11 -MMD -I/usr/include/ncursesw -c src/action.cpp -o obj/action.o In file included from src/color.h:5:0, from src/output.h:4, from src/action.cpp:2: src/cursesdef.h:10:20: fatal error: curses.h: No such file or directory #include <curses.h> ^ compilation terminated. make: *** [obj/action.o] Error 1

Try typing the following in your terminal:

You will need a working toolchain and the libraries to compile. I would recommend simply downloading a binary instead.
The latest experimentals have been incredibly broken lately and the SDL version now appears to be running slower.