Custom Neckbeard Start Scenario

This is a very small mod that allows you to play an immersive neckbeard experience. Simply drag and drop into your CDDA Mods folder.


A quick guide on how to play:

Ensure the mod is enabled in your world, and you must select the starting scenario “Mom’s Basement”. From there, you will automatically be set up as a neckbeard, as no other professions live there.

Neckbeards start with a few traits.

  • Ugly
  • XXXL (Morbidly Obese)
  • Strong Scent
  • And of course: Neckbeard facial hair

They spawn in a very small basement, one littered with soda cans and garbage. There is a bit of junk food in the fridge and the closet, this will help you maintain your god-like body. You also come equipped with a cheap toy katana, which is more of a flavor item than a weapon. A body pillow is wielded upon start, you can use this to keep warm in the cold.

I understand to some of you, this might seem like a low effort mod. To me this took a few days and serves as my intro to modding. I hope that isn’t an issue, and what I’d love is for people to simply enjoy it and certainly share stories within the thread about their adventures as a neckbeard. Cheers.


Congrats on your first scenario ^.^

May your toy katana remain ever-sharp, and Rise to the status of diamond coated +7 stats

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This is what peak performance looks like.


And I thought I was clever when I modded in lewd manga for my Urban Samurai playthrough… Nice job!