Back in the Saddle - A simple "quick start" mod

This mod is something I made to slake my thirst to develop for DDA while I figure out what I want to do with my life and rethink the way I’ve been thinking of things. I also made it because I got ticked off at a totally deserved death.

BitS is meant to provide you with some profession options to get right back into the game if you don’t want to go through earlygame again, and is shamelessly stolen from a personal json edit that mlangsdorf did a while back that I liked the idea of. The professions added are:

  • Looter, costing 4 points, starts you with tailoring 3, dodging 3, and fabrication 1. The point cost is the exact same as if you had put 2 points into both tailoring and dodging, and is meant to replicate the general “kit from shelter curtains and lockers” that I like to put together when starting out. You get:
    • A wooden needle.
    • A makeshift crowbar.
    • Cargo pants, a trenchcoat, gloves, a union suit, and other tailored clothes. You also start with a pocket knife and other things that the Survivor profession gets.
    • A duffel bag.
  • Mechanic, costing 6 points, gets you the whole shebang for car work: mechanics 5, electronics 2, and a whole slew of tools to keep you covered, including:
    • A toolbox and a crowbar.
    • A fully-powered welder and spare batteries for another full charge.
    • Some duct tape.
    • A copy of Under the Hood.
    • Some work clothes, a sling pack, and a pocket knife.
  • Introductory Cyborg is a new profession worth 3 points made to be roughly equal to Survivor, but with some bionics to nullify make some aspects of early survival easier. You get:
    • An exact copy of the Survivor’s loadout, but with a windbreaker and not a winter coat.
    • A Leukocyte Breeder System to keep you healthy.
    • A Recycler Unit and Expanded Digestive System to greatly reduce your nutritional needs.
    • A Battery System and Power Storage Mk. II to keep it all running.

Since it’s such a small mod, I don’t intend to post too many updates, but I hope that folks can get use out of it like I have. Here’s the download; just extract it into your mods folder. It’s classified as a rebalance mod.


I can actually get behind this. There’s only so many times I feel like running through the monotony of leveling up my tailoring and pulling apart rags.