Cultivationclysm Brainstorming

Some of you may remember me appearing a month ago to showcase my mana cores mod.

I am happy to inform you that I am currently working on Cultivationclysm with Harperers. (If you wanna help too hmu)

The reason I am making this post is to get ideas. I wanna hear about what y’all think about what should be in a Cultivation mod feature and item wise.

Below is a list of the currently features planned to be implemented: Having a variety (16) total cultivation techniques. 4 Primary paths with 4 cultivation techniques each: Bionic, Body, Mind, and Magic. Tribulations. Formations. Storage rings. Mythical creatures (Dragons, phoenixes, spirits).

Just to be clear, I mean xianxia cultivation. Not plants.

If xianxia or wuxia means absolutely nothing to you, here is a brief description of what it means.

It basically means you are taking world energy and using it to cultivate yourself. You are improving yourself through a variety of ways. If it still makes no sense here is the wikipedia page: Xianxia - Wikipedia

Also if you wanna check out the github here ya go. GitHub - Computer-Engineer-Man/Cultivationclysm: A mod for the game Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead.


Hey, was wondering if you were still working on this? I love cultivation and would really like to see this mod working. If not would you mind helping a newbie such as myself understand how to fix it myself? It’s a wonderful idea and I haven’t seen it anywhere else.


Same here, first time seeing this.