Crossbows missing rabbits

Oh cool, thanks for the tip… yeah I figure that if you can make a metal arrow shaft then you should be able to do a steel bolt with the same ingredients cause they are fundamentally the same damn thing. The way I look at it is they just have not got around to fleshing out the crossbow options yet… probably because they are a lot less popular than bows.

Destroy whatever near you and trow it at the turret. In an other hand, during night and underground area, without light they won’t see you but you will see turrets, so you can go to 2 range and throw your inventory at it.
usually witha few skill it can be ended by 3-4 rock or 3-4 plank (or one broadsword !)

I’ve also noticed that shooting arrows seems to be much slower. Before I could down a fungal wall and kill the spire in the 5-6 shots without another wall growing, now it grows back the turn after I do one shot to the spire.

Fungal walls are way too quick nowadays. I melee’d one spire to death back in 02Feb, and now you can’t even get in to throw a punch. Frustrating.

Slightly ridiculous that we have so many options for arrows but none for crossbow bolts. What gives?

It’s not ridiculous, it’s just how development works on this sort of project. Someone took it upon themselves to massively increase the variety of bows and arrows in the game a month or two ago. If I recall, before there was just a “longbow” and basic arrows.

If you feel that crossbows are lacking, there’s nothing to stop you from adding what is missing.

please see my post on attributes. looks like they were changed significantly. Not just for range either. Intelligence no longer appears to help training. Perception above 12 seems to do nothing (you get 0 range penalty). Dexterity appears to be the best attribute.

see my thread please.